R&D capability

There are more than 260 members in team of technical research and development(R&D), among which professors, researchers, senior engineers and doctors accounting for 10.4%. It has been granted  near one hundreds patents and patents under application,and integrated domestic and overseas research resources with international perspectives. Experts and professors from all over the world serve as technical consultants of the company,and DBFF also cooperates with the Hefei University of Technology, South China Institute of Collaborative Innovition,Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Central South University of Forestry and Technology,Shanghai Institute of Technology,Yunnan Provincial Academy of Science and Technology,Kunming Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy Sciences and many other universities and institutions between production, education and scientific research. With its professional and technical advantages.


Core team R & D personnel


Professors, doctorate and other senior researchers


University and Research Institute research cooperation

Technology Platform

  • Chemical  Ananlysis  Platform

    Chemical analysis platform - DBFF has internationally advanced equipment like GC-MS,LC-MS, UPLC, UPCC and such, and has developed 4 technological capabilities: prediction capability, innovation capability, security capability, and big data supporting capability.

  • Synthesis Platform

    Using efficient catalyst in organic synthesis and modern distillation technology to realize the new aroma, developed four core technologies: green chemical synthesis, synthesis of centrality, botanical natural equivalent flavor synthesis technology, new molecular and its entomology synthesis technology.

  • Bio-Catalysis Platform

    It’s based on 4 core techniques including micro-biological fermentation, enzyme canalization,resting cell canalization, the technique of enzyme directed evolution and mutagen of strain based on molecular biology. With the modern biological engineering technologies, bioflavors and bio-active substances are successfully produced.

  • Phytochemical  Platform

    Carry out the research and development of natural flavor and plant extracts using the four advantages: plant resources advantage, standard security advantage, separation and purification technology advantage and efficacy evaluation technology advantage.

  • Encapsulation  Platform

    Encapsulated flavor is provided with novel state, form and function using new material and new technology. Five varieties of products are developed: powered micro capsule flavor,dysfunctional controlled-release flavor, encapsulate flavor, encapsulated flavor, and longlasting controlled-release flavor.

Analysis Platform

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Chemical Analysis-Top Equipments

GC and GC-MS



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Chemical Analysis-Big Data

The Natural Perfume Inquiry System

The Natural Perfume Inquiry System has included 1, 526 types of natural perfumes, the amount of the total information articles is 135, 342

The Single Raw Material Mass Spectrometry Database

Besides the commercial spectral library, the Single Raw Material Mass Spectrometry Database has been made by ourselves, and the number included is 1,876

Plant Resources Sharing Platform

DBFF has the excellent supply channels of plant raw materials on the globe to ensure the quality and the effects of the products from the source. On a national scale,DBFF has fine demonstration planting cooperation base, and it hires the professional agro-technicians who are in charge of the guidance of planting and picking to protect the soil from the pollution and overdevelopment; now the research and development group has developed more than 100 plant extract products which are safe, healthy and green-organic